Bull2 Games

Bullsquared is a little collection of games written in Java. Nothing more and nothing less! Stay tuned for more games in 2011.

All games require the Java plugin which most browsers have, if not it can be downloaded here.

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Eat the Red Pills and fill up the 9 circles in Red to Complete each level. Avoid monsters, blank circles rob changeman of his red pills, but otherwise harmless.


2037 - The Full Horror

The year is 2037. The internet has spiraled out of control. All the bugs in Windows 2035 and IE have mutated and are now swarming the atmosphere. The internet must be destroyed! Destroy the computers, save the world!



Bug Trap

Sokoban clone. Push all the cages over the bugs to complete the level. Over 100 different levels of varying degrees of difficulty.



Puzzle/Adventure game. Find the 4K (4 x 1K coins) hidden in the 50+ rooms. Many puzzles to solve, and beware of evil Monsters! Written in less than 4,096Bytes!


Hua Rong Dao

A classic chinese slider puzzle. Move the top middle square piece to the bottom middle by moving the obstructing pieces.
Extremely hard but possible. So, do ya think you're hard enough?



Collect all the coins on each level before your time runs out. 50 levels of increasing difficulty!

A game written in less than 4K (thats less than 4,096Bytes for all u non-geeks), hence no sound and shoddy graphics, but fun nevertheless!


ABS (Another Boring Slider)

A classic Slider Puzzle. Re-arrange the numbers into the correct sequence.
4 Levels to complete. Possibly the best puzzle game ever created in the history of mankind!


Tower of Hanoi

Moves all the blocks from the left tower to the right one. Blocks can only be placed on larger blocks. 6 levels of pure excitement!.




Duke Ben Dover - Kick Ass

Boot little Duke as far as possible. This game is utter shite! You have been warned.


2010 World Cup Quiz

Test your knowledge on the 2010 World Cup and general World Cup facts!! All questions written before the start of the 2010 tournament!


General Knowledge Quiz

So how much do you really know? This quiz probably wont give you a great insight but who cares. Try it anyway!


Pop Music Quiz

Test your knowledge of Bands/Songs/Lyrics from the last 50 years or so.


Star Wars - Original Trilogy

So how well do you remember the original Star Wars films. Test your knowledge here.